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A post about plagiarism…(Left) The original art I did for the In Small Packages community for the prompt “Sam & Dean’s first kiss” - Dec. 2011 (Right) An art posted this morning on Live Journal and blatantly copied on mine - June 2012

What really pissed me off with this kind of stuff is that:

  • the artist did this art for a friend and made them believe it’s an original concept.
  • they didn’t ask for permission to actually copy my art. I would have said “yes” and very gladly if someone would have contacted me to ask me "I really loved this art of yours, can I make my own version? I could be like a fan art of a fan art". In fact, I think it’s an interesting concept. There is fic remixes challenges, I would LOVE to see the same thing for art. Asking would have taken this person two minutes and they have no excuse whatsoever because my art is signed, they know where to find me.
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  5. arliss said: That’s a fantastic idea, for an art remix! Why hasn’t someone set this up before now? And I’m sorry your art got “remixed” without your permission. Some people do it thoughtlessly, others deliberately, and I’m sorry it happened to you.
  6. caz2y5 said: I also want to add (stupid limit) that i love your artwork profoundly. And i am not implying that you are plagiarising. my previous rant was not of that intent to suggest that you are in any way shape or form. even if it seems that way.
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  9. thisisnotbruce said: oh man, that would be such a cool concept. Like how there’s all these different modern remixed takes on Mona Lisa. I’d LOVE to see that for fanart omg.
  10. corneliagrey said: also that copy is horrible…
  11. anelfisfinetoo said: people are fucking idiots.
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