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Anonymous: Thank You for sharing your wonderful art with us <3 You're amazing! This Thursday is my Birthday and what I'm looking for the most is an update on you tumblr blog "the life you Bucky Barnes" XD Have a nice day :)

Hi anon!

Thank YOU for enjoying my Bucky Barnes’ Instagram so much! ^^

Yes, I post every Thursday. I said I would post when I have the time but finally, I’m trying to update once a week. However, when I have nothing to post, I’ll stop! No pressure this time ^^;;

This Thursday is my Birthday

Well let’s start celebrations in advance with Bucky himself then!

Ok, now back to work for me -_____-  Have a great Birthday!


Supernatural - Trinity by KarlaFrazetty

Anonymous: WOW! Your art is absolutely amazing! How long did it take you to be able to create such realistic artwork? Your Captain America and Supernatural art is scary accurate, it's amazing!

Hi anon :)

Thanks a lot for the great feedback about my Spn and Captain America artworks, it’s very kind of you <3

How long did it take you to be able to create such realistic artwork?

Several years, I guess? I started to draw when I was about 8, I’m 37 today but don’t worry, it won’t take you 30 years to reach this result if you are an artist yourself. I spent several years trying to develop a manga style before exploring realism. I guess that it took me about 2-3 years maybe, to be accurate but I was pretty slow and, at the time, I was very busy because of University and didn’t draw as much as I draw now.

I hope I answered your question ^^ Have a great day anon ^^

deancaneatmypie said: eehhh i’m so excited for this :’)) and so honored to help you with this project! We are all in for a treat <33

I’m so happy to have you on board for this project and it’s so kind of you to help me with my poor English. :/ I started to work on their Disneyland trip and it’s more complicated than expected because there are a lot of details and complex backgrounds. Thanks again!

space-time-witch said: I’m not a huge fan of instagram, but art like this might just make me. Wow is all I can say

Thank you so much ♥ Instagram drives me nuts when it comes to reposting without credit, cropping and adding ugly filters on my artworks but for a project like this one, it’s the ideal platform. Glad you are enjoying this Instagram. :D

allid1 said: Oh my gawd!! The Bucky with the cig in his mouth and the almost kiss is killing me! Can’t wait..

According to my schedule, the one of Bucky smoking will be posted on November 27th and the almost kiss (because as I explained it here, I suck at drawing kisses) on December 25th. Thank you so much ^^

love-buckybarnes said: I can’t wait to see your artwork, it’s beautiful!

Thank you so much. ♥ I post every Thursday one artwork a week, sometimes two. :)

moiyahatake said: The moment I found your art and instagram I became an instant fan. Your style and creative insight for Bucky makes me very happy, even on bad days. Thank you for sharing with all of us. <3

Thank YOU for enjoying this project so much! I’m trying to draw happy stuff but not all the artwork are happy and cute. For instance, the one I posted this week is a bit harsh and let’s not even talk about the one scheduled for January 1st xD Thanks again!

araniaart reblogged this from you and added: eeeee - can’t wait to see all of these! What a delightful preview - I love this instagram/artwork so much!

I post once a week, on Thursday so I have to keep you busy until February 19th. I wanted it to be a cool little side project but the artworks are getting more and more complicated. xD Thank you so much ♥

Bucky’s Instagram: Preview :3

Hi ^^

I started about 1-2 months ago on Tumblr and on Instagram a new project called The Life of Bucky Barnes a.k.a Bucky Barnes’ Instagram. Here is a small preview of what I’m going to post in the following weeks. (I have what to keep you busy until February 19th, if I’m not wrong)

Expect a funny Halloween, a sad Xmas, some Clint (and Natasha) and a step back in time. I hope you will like it ♥

A big thank you to deancaneatmypie who is now my beta on this project. ♥

Thank you #GQromania and @DennisLeupold for an awesome shoot today! And #churchstreetboxinggym for having us! Place is legendary… #gnlstudios



Guys, this is very important. 

You all know Travellerintime, right? The one who does those AMAZING SPN manips? Destiel, Wincest, Sastiel, Wincestiel, Megstiel, solo pics—just incredible work, all for us

Her family’s in trouble, and they could really use our help. This is a big deal. They could lose their home

I know we may not have much, but y’all, there are a LOT of us. Any amount helps at all. 

I am offering free chibi commissions to anyone who can make a contribution of 20 euros (approx $25) or more. I have set up Euro conversion in my paypal so if you don’t have a way to do the conversion yourself you can send it to me and I will donate on your behalf. Otherwise you can donate directly to her and send me a screencap and I will do your drawing. ANY SHIP, ANY PAIRING.  

For more details about the chibis I’m offering, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 

We’ve got 2 weeks, folks. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

If you can’t donate, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! 

I’m reblogging this again just in case people didn’t see it.

Anonymous: tkt t'es pas la seule a dessiner des bisous sensuels comme deux pigeons qui se battent pour un morceaux de pain ! dommage c'est l'une de mes scenes favorites pour les couples. Stay awesome !

I have to translate this one (in reference to this post)

Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one who draws kisses with characters who look like two pigeons fighting for a piece of bread! Too bad, it’s one of my favorite kind of art when it comes to couples. Stay awesome!

I feel you anon! xD That’s why I laugh a bit when I receive messages of people who tell me "you are so lucky, you can draw everything you want!" hmm..NOPE! Not everything! Kisses are and will always remain a mystery. It’s the position of the lips. My character look like they are swallowing each other’s esophagus (or like you said, two pigeons).


No Stewie, it’s an art challenge, shut up! And it’s the same thing for any kind of couple!

Goodnight anon and good luck to us xD

illustratedkate said: i can’t draw kissing either! it’s so difficult!

Difficult isn’t it? I’m able to draw a lot of things but kisses are always a challenge! When I manage to draw one, I want to celebrate and drink some champagne xD

slippeddee said: OH EM GEEE!!! I’m so excited tot see some stucky-art from you *////*

Thank you so much! According to my very organized schedule (and I’m not kidding, I’m VERY organized when it comes to my Bucky’s Instagram), you should see it on December 25th :)

pipaule said: Magnifique moment shadokien, et ça me “pompe” même pas :) Bizzzzzz

Je te jure que j’y pensais quand j’ai dessiné! Deux shadok en train de se rouler un patin! ^^ Trop fort! Merci beaucoup ♥

Different fandom, same problems…

I’m trying to draw Steve and Bucky kissing but let’s face the truth, so far they look like a bunch of Mister Pac Man trying to do…IDK what. I’m exaggerating a bit but it’s close to this:

It’s the same thing when I try to draw J2, Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, whatever and now that I’m in the MCU fandom, I have the same problem. Ha! Ha! xD Different fandom, same problems…