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The Winter Soldier - Reverse!AU

Bucky didn’t fall from the train, Steve did.

For the people who asked in the tags and in the reblogs: there’s no fic that goes with these drawings. It’s just an idea I had but I’m not the first one. Also, I’m sure there’s a Reverse!AU fic out there! :)

Anonymous: You are so lovely. I adore the kind responses and gifs you always have for all of us. (Not to mention your incredible art!!!!)

Hi anon ^^

Thank you so much for your very kind message and for enjoying my art ♥ You’re a sweetheart!

I adore the kind responses and gifs you always have for all of us.

And you haven’t see the HALF of my gifs collection. Honestly some of them are…huh…I don’t know for what occasion I can use them! Like this one for instance:


Ah, I think I’ve used it actually. At last!! I’ve been waiting this moment for so long ^o^ HA! HA!

ETA: Oh wait, it’s BATMAN DAY so yes, it’s the fucking perfect occasion actually!! ^o^

Thanks again anon and enjoy your week!

Anonymous: Bonsoir ! C'est l'anon qui souffre du SFS ^^ ! Demandé en anglais ou cas ou ça aiderai tes followers en tout cas je voulais te remercier de tt coeur de nous aider et rester aimable même si il y a tj des gens qui volent tes artworks pas cool :-/

Salut l’anon :)

Il n’y a pas de quoi, contente de t’avoir aidé! J’espère que tu pourras vaincre ton SFS, franchement, ce n’est pas compliqué. Un peu d’exercice de croquis et ça devrait se régler. ^^

Oui, c’est vrai qu’en anglais, ça va aider plus de monde ^^

même si il y a tj des gens qui volent tes artworks pas cool :-/

Alors là, les gens qui me volent mes dessins, c’est mon lot quotidien (enfin heureusement pas complétement quotidien mais c’est fréquent). Je ne te parle même pas de tous ceux qui ne me créditent pas et qui râlent quand je demande à l’être. Je garderais longtemps en mémoire cette nana sur facebook qui m’a dit que je la “harcelais” (oui, du “bullying”, carrément) parce que j’avais gentiment demandé qu’elle mette un lien vers mon Tumblr. On aura tout vu! Elle était partie complétement en sucette! Wooou!

Bon courge avec tes dessins et très bonne semaine :)


Anonymous: YES character meme, Castiel, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *showers you with pie and cheeseburgers and ... y'know, other, uh, bribes & stuff*

Hi anon :)

Yes, yes, I’m gonna do it ^^;; It’s just that I’m lacking time at the moment and SO MANY ideas for the Spn and Marvel fandoms ><

What I’m sure of is that the Castiel character meme will be a bit less detailed than the ones of Dean and Bucky (don’t worry, I know exactly what I am doing and why I am doing it). I hope you will like it!

However, I’m accepting gladly the cheeseburgers and pies ^o^

Thanks a lot for your message anon ♥

Anonymous: Little rec here .. Did you read the man on the bridge by boopboop, it well known in the fandom but so sad ;-;

Hi anon!

I was talking about it yesterday in one of my posts. I haven’t read it yet but it’s in my reading list. It’s apparently a fandom classic so I’m gonna give it a shot when I can (even if 28 chapters is a bit scary! UGH!! It’s long! But I read longer fics so…)

Thanks for the rec anon!

Anonymous: do you have a stevebucky fic rec list?

Hi anon :)

Hmmm, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of fics to rec you as I haven’t had the time to read a lot in the past couple of months. Here are the ones I loved though:

If you guys want to rec your own fics, I’ll add them to this post.

I hope you’ll enjoy these fics! Have a great week anon ♥

The Winter Soldier - Reverse!AU

Bucky didn’t fall from the train, Steve did.

Anonymous: I'm the anon who messaged you about A Long Winter, and I was so happy to see you rec Don't Ask! It's also one of my favorites but IMO doesn't get enough attention, it's rather sad. I'm happy because you have a lot of followers and maybe they'll enjoy it like you and I do! Did you know the author is publishing a sequel? It's so exciting! Anyway, sorry to clog your askbox up just chatting about fic. I hope you have a lovely day! Thanks for always being so kind and patient with silly anons like me.

Hi again anon :)

I was so happy to see you rec Don’t Ask! It’s also one of my favorites

It’s definitely my favorite Steve/Bucky fic and yes, I agree, I think it should get more attention. It’s well written and seems well documented (I’m not a specialist of the period though) Speaking about fics, there is one that is recced all the time called "The man of the Bridge". I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to it! :)

Did you know the author is publishing a sequel?

Yes, yes, I even recced it in my preceding message. Even when I had nothing. Three chapters left! I can’t wait to read what is coming next!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you! ^^ Today was fine. Tomorrow…I’m going to the dentist. I don’t like it, it’s FAR, I have to take the bus and the subway. :/ It takes ages.

Have a great week too anon ^^

Anonymous: mmh, do you have some tips for drawing ? I just realized that my characters have the same face ;.; for now i draw all of their faces together and try to give some differences but then it doesn't what i ot in my head... TT~TT

Hi anon :)

You are suffering from what is called in art, the “Same Face Syndrome”. It happens, don’t worry!

Bringing “some differences” to your characters isn’t enough. Look around you, your family, people in the street, at your school, your work whatever. All these people are different, the shape of their face, their nose, even their ears. Let’s not even talk about the color of their skin or their morphology.

You have to bring the same amount of diversity in your art and draw your characters not only with small differences but with different morphologies, shapes, eyes, noses, clothes, etc. If you have a doubt, use reference pictures of people in a crowd, think about your family, your friends, include them in your art (that’s what I do, I hid my dad in a couple of artworks xD). Observation is primordial too: you can sit on a bench somewhere and draw some doodles of people passing by.

Also, to fight this SFS (Same Face Syndrome), you can have a look at these tutorials, they are very interesting.

No need to add that in addition to these tuts and observing what is around you, practice is primordial!

Voilà! I hope it will help, good luck to you and have a great week :3

Anonymous: Do you do requests for art or do you wanna get paid our how does that work? I came across your blog a ways back and I can't believe how amazing your art is! I love it and can't stop looking at it all!

Hi anon :)

I’m sorry, I don’t take requests or commissions, it’s written in my FAQ. I really don’t have the time because of my job, it’s too difficult. :/

Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog and enjoying my art so much! It’s very kind of you ♥