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Anonymous: je me demande si il y a un fandom francais pour steve x bucky en dehors de notre petit cercle tumblr ?

Salut :)

Alors là, tu m’en demandes trop! Je n’en ai aucune idée! Je ne me suis jamais intéressée aux fandoms français (quel qu’ils soient) parce que j’ai vraiment du mal à lire des fan fics en français :/ J’ai toujours été vers Live Journal ou Tumblr.

Il doit y avoir des fics sur A03 mais un “fandom” en tant que tel, je ne sais pas. Mais tout est possible tu sais!


Bonne soirée! ♥

Anonymous: hum, i begin to re-draw after a year or so of block art :c, do you have any books in anatomy, landscape or simply drawing to recommand that would be really helpful. Sorry if im bothering. Thanks !

Hi anon!

Thanks a lot for your message and congrats on finally re-drawing after a year of art block. It was long!

Ok, I’m going to recommend you my two favorite books:

- Figure Drawing, Design and Invention by Michael Hampton. Very well explained. A bit hard at first but really, really cool! A classic!

- Digital Painting - Techniques. This one is for CG art and it gives you tips to draw a bit everything (textures, landscapes, buildings, etc..). It’s not for complete beginners, though.

Otherwise, you should go to YouTube and check out the video tutorials there. You have video tutorials (master classes) by Michael Hampton but also great tuts by Adam Hughes. Just type what you need, add “tutorial” and I’m sure you are gonna find tons of stuff. That’s what I do when I need something. Also, it’s less expensive than books and you have more tutorials.

Good luck to you! Have a great week ♥

Ok, I leave, I have to cook dinner. (I hate cooking)

Anonymous: Hehe techniquement Excalibur est bretonne ;P

Salut ^^

Ha tiens! Hein! A faire les idiots avec la mythologie. Mais tu sais quoi, c’est vrai que Excalibur à de la gueule (surtout version Alexandre Astier) mais je garde la Baguette Car quand même. C’est un modele unique!


Anonymous: Just wanted you to know you're basically my inspiration. I love your work, and you're honestly the reason why I'm getting back into art, and strive to improve. YOURE AMAZEBALLS. JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT. LOVE YOUUUUUU

Hi anon!

That’s really an amazing compliment to receive! Thank you so much for your very kind message ♥

you’re honestly the reason why I’m getting back into art

Oh great! I’m happy you feel inspired again. What are you drawing at the moment?

It looks awesome so far and look how happy you are! You should maybe be careful with the painting though, just saying…

Good luck to you and I don’t give up this time ♥ Have a great week anon :)

Anonymous: cap america a le bouclier pour se defendre, l'angleterre a excalibur et notre cap france a la baguette pour se battre hon hon hon #blagues de merde pour bien commencer la semaine


Mais tu ne savais pas pour le Capitaine France? Tout le monde connait sa célèbre “Baguette Car” voyons!


Le génie français en action, poussez-vous les Ricains, on arrive! Impressionnant, non?

(Quand tu colles des photos de roues à un dessin de baguette tout pourri, tu sais que tu as besoin que le weekend soit déjà là…)

Anonymous: Oooh! I'll check 'em out if I find any! Waaah, I can't wait to see it!! Good luck with it!! ^ 3 ^

Hi ^^

I guess you are the Moleskine anon? ^^ I hope you’ll find the sketchbook of your dreams, Moleskine or not ^^

Waaah, I can’t wait to see it!!

I’ll post it on Wednesday night if I can. I added a little “supplement” and it needs some betaing. I sent it to a friend so that she can check my English but the art itself is DONE! Yah!! ^o^ Otherwise, you can check out a preview video of my art HERE if you want.

Thanks! Have a great week <3

Anonymous: Do you have a copy of the dean art on the side of your blog?

Hi anon :)

Yes, you can find it HERE.

However, unlike my other artworks, this art can’t be used for banners, sidebars and layouts. I made it especially for my blog so I don’t want other people to use it for this purpose.

Voilà! Have a great week. :)


Illustration by Quickreaver for the story 'Diary of a Madman', by Monicawoe.

"Schizophrenics with religious psychosis often thought they were seeing demons or angels or any number of things. The difference was that Sam didn’t just see the Devil. Sometimes he was convinced he was the Devil."


First look at the BIG Stucky art I’m working on at the moment. I hope to post it on Wednesday. Honestly, canon/mythology wise, it’s a bit fucked up but never mind! I am almost done!

Steve/Bucky Recs from my followers

I received from two anons more Stucky fics recommendations. Thank you guys for taking the time to rec me these fics (you’ll find the links below)

If you send me more anon ask and recs, I WON’T ANSWER THEM ON MY BLOG DIRECTLY (I don’t want it to become a “Steve/Bucky Rec’ Blog” ^^) BUT YOUR REC WILL BE ADDED HERE :)

Thanks in advance, it’s very kind of you to send me links to your favorite stories ♥