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Artist sign-ups are now closed! If you missed the opportunity to sign up we will be opening for pinch-hit artists in a few days


Today at 1 PM EST posts will go up listing all the prompts available to choose from. Comments will be disabled on these posts as they are just for the artists to review the prompts and make their selections. Each fic will have a code and a number (BB01, MB01 etc). Please make a note of which numbers you are interested in as this is the information we will be requesting. 

At 1 PM EST TOMORROW (Aug 18) a separate post will go up with comments enabled and artists will be invited to list their top three prompts in order of preference. Claims will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. At this point artists will only be permitted to claim one fic.

If you’re not sure what time this is for you this site should help. 

After 24 hours a second post will be made listing any unclaimed prompts. At this point artists will be invited to claim a second fic if they wish, and this will also be open to anyone who did not sign up as an artist but now wants to participate.

I’m sorry I have to drop out for this year. I sent you an email this morning, I don’t know if you received it.

Good luck on organizing the challenge. ♥

Anonymous: I really look up to you when it comes to art. Your style is so good and your art is brilliant and you take your time with it and it looks like you really appreciate art and you take your time to learn other people about art and answer questions Wow!

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your very kind message, you are a sweetheart ♥

our art is brilliant and you take your time with it

I think I’m taking TOO MUCH time with it you know :/ I have the opposite problem of a lot of people on Tumblr. I see a lot of text posts from people who can’t work on a drawing more than 30 minutes, who get frustrated easily or who can’t draw anything else than doodles. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the contrary: if the character doesn’t have 90 details on his shirt, if the green plant at the back (yes, the tiny one over there) isn’t correctly drawn, or if the line art isn’t smooth, I can’t close the PS document.

I’m unable to do simple drawings. I wish I could launch a cool little project with just unfinished doodles, something with no pressure (don’t ask me what, I have no idea) but I can’t. I’m too perfectionist and honestly, it’s a bit exhausting and time consuming sometimes. I keep on telling myself that I don’t need to draw every hair strand or every tiny detail, but I can’t help it!

For me, that’s “simple” and I wish I could have another vision of what simplicity is. :/

it looks like you really appreciate art

I do! I’ve always been! I’m mad about art books. It got worse when I started to live on my own and left my parents’ place: now I have big book shelves and even if I keep on telling myself “PM, no more art books, it’s enough, you don’t need a 7th book about Paris during the War”, I can’t help buying new ones when I go to flea markets.

you take your time to learn other people about art

Not always or maybe, I want to answer too well and with too many details.. Some questions may seems simple (“How do you draw faces?”) but they imply such long and complicated answers that I must admit that some asks have been in my inbox for months because I know that the answer will require a LONG LONG answer.

Sorry for the ramble! Have a great weekend anon ♥

Anonymous: hey! je viens de parcourir toutes les pages de votre tumblr et j'adore ce que vous faites!!Supernatural et les tatouages étant ma plus grande passion je ne peux qu'aimer!!vous êtes extrêmement douée et je dois avouer que je suis un peu jalouse de votre talent, j'aimerais être capable de faire la même chose!!!j'ai hâte de voir de nouvelles choses!!Merci de partager tout ça avec nous!!et BRAVO!!

Bonjour anon ^^

Tutoyons-nous, ça sera plus simple :)

Merci beaucoup pour ce message vraiment très gentil sur mes dessins et d’avoir pris le temps de me contacter!

j’aimerais être capable de faire la même chose!!

Ben…faut s’y mettre, c’est tout. Allez, hop! Au boulot! Y’a pas de secret (Malheureusement! Sinon, j’aurais été preneuse il y a longtemps, ça m’aurait évité pas mal de migraines ^^)

j’ai hâte de voir de nouvelles choses!!

Je dois avouer que je n’ai aucune idée de ce que je vais poster dans les prochains jours. Je suis très occupée en ce moment à cause de Journal of a Man of Letters, un projet qui me tiens à coeur mais qui me prend vraiment vraiment beaucoup de temps. Mais bon, ça va venir hein, je suis constamment en train de gribouiller de toutes façons.

Merci encore et très bon weekend (pas dans les bouchons pour toi j’espère). Ah…la France le 15 aout (quoi que, tu pourrais être Belge, Suisse, ou Algérien(ne) après tout ^^)



Anonymous: I agree with the other anon, your art is very beautiful!!!

Hiya ^^

Two nice anons in a row, what else can I ask for

Thank you so for enjoying my art so much, it’s very kind of you :) (But today, my art has been nothing but SHIT, I drew 5 hours and I couldn’t do anything! I hope it’ll be better tomorrow ^^;;)

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous: you're a pretty amazing artist, honestly

Hi anon!

Thank you so much for the great feedback about my works and for taking the time to contact me, you are a sweetheart ♥

However, I must admit that at the moment I’m not 100% productive. I’m slooooow…slooooow….like snail.

But I’m not surprised, I’m always slower in summer :3

Thanks again anon, and have a great day

Anonymous: i know your FAQ says you do the Dean Cas Big Bang, are you excited to pick your story for this year? Do you get nervous before art claims?

Hi anon :)

To be really honest, I’m still undecided about the DCBB. I signed up but I am extremely tired at the moment so I’m not sure I’m gonna pick a summary. I’ll let the mods know eventually but I still don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t think I have the energy to face a LJ challenge right now.

Otherwise, yes, I’m always nervous before summary claims, whatever the challenge, DCBB, RBB, SPNJ2BB, whatever! It’s always a bit stressful! :3

Thanks for your message anon, have a great weekend!

Anonymous: Petite info : savez-vous qu'en France, il y a une ville qui s'appelle "bitche" ;) ?

Salut ^^

Oui, c’est près de la frontière allemande (merci France 5). On a même une ville qui s’appelle Y. Alors tout est possible dans ce pays! xD

Merci d’être passé, petit anon géographique.


Anonymous: Hello ! Imagine Steve et Bucky partent en vacances en France avec une petite surprise de Stark: ils se retrouvent dans la ville de Condom ~ *dsl bientot la rentrée et etant de passage là bas j'etais obligée de la faire...*

Salut :)

Et sur le retour, c’est passage par l’Autriche:


Et je te fais grâce de Dildo, au Canada xD

Bonne fin de vacances!

Hello, new followers ♥

I had some new followers recently so it’s the right occasion to thank you guys, new and not-so-new followers, for following this blog and enjoying my art so much ♥

Just a couple of things about this blog:

- I’m French so my English is a bit strange sometimes. It’s closer to “Frenglish” than “real English” if you prefer, so sorry about all the spelling and grammar mistake you’ll find here and there.

- I answer to asks in English and in French. If you want to blacklist the French ones, please use the tag #pmfrench in X-kit and Tumblr Savior.

- I answer all kind of messages as long as they are polite and that they don’t bash fellow fan artists in the process. (I prefer being clear about this issue as I received 2,3 messages like this a week).

- I answer all the non-anon asks privately so don’t hesitate to ask something even if it seems stupid to you, it won’t be published, except if it’s something I don’t know about and that I need the help of my followers (I’ll ask you before publishing it anyway). You can also ask anonymously, my ask box is always open.

- My art tag is HERE, my FAQ is HERE and there’s also a post devoted to my drawing supplies HERE.

- People ask me very often questions about my art and about art technique. All these questions are gathered under the tag #arttechnique.

Voilà! A bientôt ♥


Pre-serum Steve

Watercolor portrait. The above pic was still a WIP, there were a couple of details missing like the stripes on the shirt.

Watercolor, inks, Prismacolor pencils, Liquitex (acrylic painting) for the white highlights. 13,5 x 20 cm sketchbook, watercolor paper.

Other watercolor portraits: Dean Winchester - Sam Winchester & Jared